Hello, I'm Federico

Hello, this is my website. My name is Federico Nejrotti and I'm an italian writer and activist. I'm quite fond of everything about internet governance and, at the moment, I live in Milan, Italy.

Currently, I work for the italian agency for cultural transformation cheFare, where I operate as Chief Communication Officer. Up until 2018, I have been the Editor-in-Chief for the italian edition of Motherboard.

federico nejrotti
This is me.

Today, as a freelance, I write for online magazines and sometimes I do documentaries. I like public speaking during conferences and seminars, and when I do it's almost always about Mark Zuckerberg. I've published Stella Kamikaze, a weekly podcast where I read short science fiction stories.

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📬 If you have a proposal for me, write me to federiconejrotti@gmail.com — if cheFare is involved, write me to federico.nejrotti@che-fare.com.

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